About me

I am a 30 something working professional who is a mother to one daughter and navigating a separation/divorce from a toxic narcissist. My goals in life have always been to maintain integrity in everything I do even when it deals with toxic liars. I will never stoop to their level of lies and manipulation. My hope is in sharing my journey I can help others in a similar situation resist the urge to fight dirty no matter how hopeless things can feel.

In the end, we must try to maintain our humanity and remember who we are and what we want to be remembered for. Our children are watching and learning, let’s give them at least one positive role model. I will also be addressing my other passions in my blog, including money management and personal care. My goals have always been to be financially independent and retire early and maintain great physical health to promote longevity. Despite this toxic narcissist delaying my plans, I will not give up and neither should you. Life is full of roadblocks and we need to train our mind to see it as opportunities and only then can we thrive.